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With stories, essays, memoir narratives, and poetry, Arthur Plotnik has been practicing the advice he dares offer in his books and articles on writing.  A select bibliography of published items from 2005 forward, with links, follows the sample below.

I Studied Under Philip Roth

(Appeared in The Cape Rock, Spring 2013)

From that first day

at the Iowa Writers Workshop

we yearned to be the twenty-six-year old

who sidled on to the instructor's desk,

snapped the creases of his chinos

and remarked, "I'm Philip Roth,"

as if we hadn't known.


And who were we?

Literary rubes and wannabes,

all dreams, all italics and ellipsis marks, 

too much telling, not enough showing,

overheated dialogue, labored themes;


talent cowed by genius, here

by virtue of a Sturm und Drang-ish story

showing signs of a keen eye for

life's harsh and shitty ironies.


He---he was the luminosity, awash

in prizes, adulation; droll, soft-spoken,  

his work a paradigm so winning

it mocked our year-long struggles

to become him or even a simulacrum.


And I, so many pages later,

am someone who in cover letters

and his biographical notes declares,

"I studied under Philip Roth"---


which on close examination means

I swam in fear of failure and shame;

that the Iowa horizon, bleak and yellow

in the frigid months, put me in a mortal funk;

that I seethed when classmates published;

that I set a new marriage on its doomed arc;

that I stood with her in Cedar Rapids

listening to the crack of exoskeletons

against a silo smelling of warm grain

and painted like a box of Quaker Oats.

Arthur Plotnik’s literary writings, 2005--
   A select bibliography

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